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Protected fat - calcium salt of fatty acids.



Granulated feed supplement for cattle stock which increases the energy density of its ration. Unlike forage feed, Nutrakor transits the paunch and does not affect the digestion processes while maintaining pH-value. It is decomposed in the abomasum and almost fully digested in the bowels (up to 92 %) thanks to high content of unsaturated fatty acids.

Introducing Nutrakor in the ration three weeks before calving increases the energy received by the organism 2.25 times, improves the energy balance and reduces fatness loss during the first weeks after calving, and therefore, improves the insemination efficiency.

Advantages of Nutrakor

  • high digestion degree (up to 92%) thanks to high content of unsaturated fatty acids; 
  • improves lactation performance (up to 3 kg per head daily) and increases fat content in milk; 
  • more valuable fatty acid composition of the product; 
  • optimizes the functioning of the reproductive system, shortens the service period, improves the insemination efficiency; 
  • helps to reduce the content of concentrated feed in the ration; 
  • it is not fermented in the paunch, thus, it does not affect its acidity. 


Fat content 84 %
Ashes 13 %
Moisture 3 %
Palmitic acid С16:0 48 %
Oleic acid С18:1 36 %
Linoleic acid С18:2 9 %
Stearic acid С18:0 5 %
Са (Calcium) 9 %
Metabolic energy 33,3 %
NEL 27,3 %

Recommendations for feeding

Nutrakor retains its properties in all known feed mixing techniques. It is used as a separate supplement and as a component for compound feedstuff.

Feeding rates

depend on the energy density of the ration

Approximate feeding rates g/head/day
Dry period 125
Lactation period 15-20 kg/day 300 - 400
Lactation period 20-30 kg/day 400 - 800
Lactation period 30-40 kg/day 800 - 1000
Fattening period 150 - 500
Sheep and female goats 50 - 100


Nutrakor is packed in 25 kg multi-layer paper bags with a polyethylene liner.


12 months