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Nutrakor 99

Protected fractionated fat

Nutrakor 99


Nutrakor 99 is a new generation protected fractionated fat for feeding cattle stock, which increases the energy density of the ration. It is used for improving the performance, milk quality indices, as well as for optimizing the functioning of the cow reproductive system.

Nutrakor 99 contains a high level of palmitic acid which enhances the digestibility and utilization of fat.


  • provides highly digestible energy for animals; 
  • improves performance; 
  • does not affect the digestion processes in the paunch; 
  • it is good for endocrine profile and optimizes the functioning of the reproductive system; 
  • improves the liveability of the growing stock; 
  • increases the average daily gain; 
  • helps to reduce the level of concentrated feedstuff in the ration. 


Fat content, min. 99 %
Moisture 1 %
Palmitic acid С16:0 75 %
Stearic acid С18:0 5 %
Oleic acid С18:1 15 %
Linoleic acid С18:2 4 %
Total energy, MJ 38,5 %

Principle of action

Nutrakor 99 is fractionated fat in the form of palm oil solid fractions containing fatty acids. Due to high melting point (57.8 °С) the product is not decomposed in the paunch and does not affect the digestion processes therein, it is decomposed in the small intestine into long-chain fatty acids, and goes to mammary gland with the blood flow where it directly participates in the milk fat synthesis.

Recommendations for feeding

Nutrakor 99 retains its properties in all known methods of mixing. It is used as a separate supplement and as a component in the preparation of mixed feed. Nutrakor 99 should be gradually introduced to the ration over several days.

Feeding rates

Depend on the energy density of the ration

Lactation period 20-30 kg/day 300 – 500 g
Lactation period 30-40 kg/day 500 – 800 g
Fattening period 150 – 500 g


25 kg three-layer paper bags with a polyethylene liner.


12 months