Milk Replacer Factory
Town of Pochep, Bryansk Region

The modern manufacturing enterprise produces a wide range of whole milk replacers for calves and skimmed milk replacers for growing livestock animals and birds. The Italian state-of-the-art equipment allows up to 80 tons of finished products to be produced daily. The product quality is continually monitored by own laboratory completed with modern high-accuracy equipment. The milk replacer factory is the proud of our company. It is one of the most modern productions of whole milk replacers in Russia.

Whey Powder Factory.
Town of Gagarin, Smolensk Region

The modern enterprise is a manufacturer of powdered milk products: spray-dried whey powder, whey and fat concentrate. Qualifications and expertise of the staff, the state-of-the-art equipment with the production capacity up to 30 tons of finished products daily, and a high-tech laboratory guarantee the consistent high quality of manufactured products.

In 2017, the whey powder and whey and fat concentrate production was certificated for compliance with requirement of ISO 22 000-2007 (ISO 22000:2002). Selected raw materials and ingredients, attention to the production process and continuous in-process inspection and laboratory control, prevention of violations and immediate response to variation of indicators, regular personnel development and learning from the experience of our foreign partners allow us producing the highest-quality products with stable microbiological, chemical, organoleptic and physical properties.

Regarding both the products and the services rendered, we are always open to discussion of matters related to the needs of our consumers. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with feed experts in fields, to participate in complex processes of animal production. We guarantee absolute safety of our products provided that the rules for their storage and usage are met.