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Prodlak Premium 18
Подзаголовок:  Sow milk replacer
Блок описания: 


PRODLAK PREMIUM 18 is a high-quality replacer of sow milk for feeding large litters, the composition of which has been selected with due consideration of all requirements for newborn animals. It is used from the second day of age, after a piglet receives enough colostral milk to activate its immunity. PRODLAK PREMIUM 18 is produced in the Netherlands in compliance with strict quality control standards.


Nutritional value

Nutritional value:
Crude protein, min. 20,0  %
Crude fat, min. 18,0  %
Crude fiber, max. 0,1  %
Ash residual, max. 7,0  %
Moisture, max. 6,0  %

Cа (Calcium)  0,8  %
Р    (Phosphorus) 0,7  %
Nа (Sodium) 0,3  %

Fe (Ferrum)  89  Mg
Mn (Manganese) 29  Mg
Se (Selenium) 0,2  Mg
Zn (Zinc) 100  Mg
Со (Cobalt) 0,5  Mg
J   (Iodine) 0,5  Mg
Cu (Copper) 9  Mg

А     25 000  IU
D 3  4 000  IU
Е      150  Mg
К 3  2  Mg
В 1  5  Mg
В 4  250  Mg
В 5 15  Mg
В 6   5  Mg
B 9 0,5  Mg
В12 40  Mg
С     75  Mg

Amino acids:
Lysine 1,57  %
Methionine 0,37  %
Threonine 1,03  %
Tryptophan 0,30  %

Antimicrobial additive:
Organic acids 7,35  Mg

Recommendations for dilution

Pour a half of the required quantity of clean water at a temperature of 50-55°С. Add gradually 1 kg of PRODLAK PREMIUM 18 milk replacer and thoroughly agitate until a homogenous mixture. Add warm clean water until the required quantity of the liquid milk replacer (6-7 L). Immediately feed it to piglets while the temperature of the mixture is 40°С. If the mixture is fed by an automatic station, the mixture concentration should be 150-250 g/l depending on the equipment used.

The product can be used in 24 hours after birth. It is recommended to start feeding with a high-quality pre-starter which stimulates the solid feed consumption and simplifies the weaning, along with the milk replacer on the 4th – 7th day of age.



1 year from the date of manufacture (see on the package).


Piglet feeding regime

Piglet age Milk feed Frequency, times per day Total daily
2-5 days 100 ml of Prodlak Premium 6 600 ml
6-8 days 125 ml of Prodlak Premium 6 750 ml
9-12 days 150 ml of Prodlak Premium 6 900 ml
13-16 days 180 ml of Prodlak Premium 5 900 ml
17 days – 20 weeks 200 ml of Prodlak Premium 3 600 ml
21-22 weeks 100 ml of Prodlak Premium 3 300 ml

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Nutrakor 99 with Lecithin
Подзаголовок:  High-energy feed supplement for pigs and poultry.
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High-energy feed supplement for pigs and poultry, which increases the energy density of their ration. It is the fractionated triglyceride (99% fatty acids) that represents palm oil solid fractions containing fatty acids and glycerine in the bound form.

Due to the bound structure (fatty acids are bound with glycerine) and high melting point, it is not decomposed in the stomach, but it decomposes into free fatty acids and glycerine in the small intestine, while glycerine is a source of energy and an essential component of the metabolism.

It increases the daily gain and improves the product quality.



  • Gives far more energy in comparison to vegetable fats;
  • Quickly delivers ingestible energy to the organism thanks to glycerine contained therein;
  • Good for the endocrine profile;
  • Optimizes the functioning of the reproductive system;
  • Helps to reduce the level of concentrated feedstuff in the ration;
  • Convenient dosing, no risk of overdosage;
  • Stability of properties during storage unlike liquid vegetable oils..


Fat content, min. 99 %
Moisture 1 %
Palmitic acid С16:0 75 %
Stearic acid С18:0 5 %
Oleic acid С18:1 15 %
Linoleic acid С18:2 4 %
Total energy, MJ 38,5 %

Recommendations for feeding

Nutrakor 99 retains its properties in all known methods of mixing. It is perfectly mixed with all components of mixed feed forming stable granules.


Feeding rates

Depend on the energy density of the ration.

Approximate feeding rates
Fattening pigs 4-5% of the ration
Sows 8-10% of the ration
Laying hens 2-3% of the ration
Broilers 4-5% of the ration


25 kg three-layer paper bags with a polyethylene liner.



12 months.

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